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Blessings of Swami Akhilesh Ji

Spiritual Inspirations of Jagdacharya

With his blessings, we started our dream school. He is no more with us physically now. But we are still blessed by him at every crucial moment. OUR TRIBUTES to this heavenly Person.

विद्या नाम नरस्य कीर्तिरतुला भाग्यक्षये चाश्रयो धेनुः कामदुधा रतिश्च विरहे नेत्रं तृतीयं च सा । सत्कारायतनं कुलस्य महिमा रत्नैर्विना भूषणम् तस्मादन्यमुपेक्ष्य सर्वविषयं विद्याधिकारं कुरु ॥

विद्या अनुपम कीर्ति है; भाग्य का नाश होने पर वह आश्रय देती है, कामधेनु है, विरह में रति समान है, तीसरा नेत्र है, सत्कार का मंदिर है, कुल-महिमा है, बगैर रत्न का आभूषण है; इस लिए अन्य सब विषयों को छोडकर विद्या का अधिकारी बन ।

About Sri Padmraj Kumar Jain

Ara is growing well enough with the adjoining state capital Patna with equal pace, only thing missing was a strong education system. As the existing education was either not at par standard or far away from the reach of lower and middle segment.

With some prominent citizens of Ara he began to think and access the need of a modern school, that can have the quality to incorporate modern techniques as well as the ancient ethics and curriculum. Result Came soon and GYAN JYOTI AWASIYA VIDYALAYA was born on the 4th December 2005.

We express our gratitude and tribute to the great soul, who gave us a wonderful educational environment to learn, to explore, to play, to grow, to compete and to win.


Director's Message

Dear Parents, God blessed You with Nature’s bounty in from of your precious progeny (son/daughter). The experience of parenthood is the most wonderful gift of all. However, to decide in whose (which school) care your ward can be Placed for their Upbringing and education is the most difficult decision of all. Our team is sure that Gyan Jyoti Awasiya Vidyalaya (GJAV) would be able to address your concerns. GJAV is aware of it’s responsibilities to equip your ward with scholastic abilities and life skills essential for success.

Modern infrastructure, CBSE curriculum, high caliber Professionals and motivated faculties, pastoral care are some of our strengths. While studying at GJAV, your ward will be groomed to become a confident and enlightened person; ready to step into global society with honour, dignity and integrity. We believe that Our students will aquire skills which will ensure that, in any situation in today’s competitive world they will always be ahead of the competition.

Wish you all Happiness and Prosperity!
Aditya Bijay Jain

Principal's Message

Dear Parents, The purpose of education is to replace an empty mind with an open one. Education is primarily a process for humanizing mankind by giving them the freedom to explore the ethos, the mythos and the pathos of human existence. We always worry about what a child will be tomorrow, yet we forget that he/she is someone today.

We at GJAV see each child as an unique person and encourage individual talents & strengths that help them build their self-confidence & self esteem. Through enthusiaism, attitudes & ideas, we teach them a lesson for a day and teach curiosity for life time. We seek your support & co-operation in our efforts to make a difference in each child’s life & future of us all.

Wish you all Happiness and Prosperity!
Ceipi Jain

About CEO

Working in the field of education always has been the passion since the beginning of my career. With that zeal, I started my career from college teaching and then entered into the K-12 segment. After some learning experience and with the dream and passion to work in the field of Education, I joined Health and Educational Society, Ara as Chief Executive Officer. The society runs educational institutions and focuses on to improve the quality of Education.

Wish you all Happiness and Prosperity!
Ajay Kumar