Best CBSE School in Ara Gyan Jyoti Awasiya Vidyalaya


Sharing knowledge through fun activities is always a better way to teach and trained the kids. Teaching here in GYAN JYOTI is always a challenge by adopting network techniques. We believe that activities always make the learning easier and entertaining. Regular classes in a hunger atmosphere contruct a string of personalization between the teacher and student. Every teacher know each and every detail of his student that help them to understand the student psychology and and act accordingly.


Creativity should not be relegated to English class or the art room. There are places for all teachers to add creative elements to their school days. It's important that we light the creative fire under our students -- otherwise, we'll watch a nation entering a dark age with very little creativity. Creative thoughts are what took us to the Moon. We need to make sure that we remind students of the value of creativity, and that we give them every chance to show it in the classroom.


Recreation in the essential proof for the stumbling mind. It makes you fresh and energetic for newer tanks. Monthly activities programs in school’s academic calendar contributes its importance for the benefit of the students and teachers also.

Sawan mahotsav , international yoga day, monsoon day, photography day, friendship day etc. make the student’s aware about their responsibility towards society and neighborhood. Student glonoine part and tradition as well as the entire of different type that is a established fact in India prove the famous saying –“Unity of diversity”