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Ara Has a very important place in Indian history. It was the seat of knowledge and truth. The great sager like kaushik, Gautam, Gautami, Anverhor  etc. Were resident of this place. They established their gurukula to breach about the truth. In Ramayana era Maharishi Vishwamitra brought Ram-Laxman here to train them in worldly alfaiss. In  the modern era it was also a important place. Muslim emperors and Britishers also gave due importance to this place.When the industrial revolution in Bihar approached this land first sugar factory was establishrd by a prominent sitizen of Ara. First residential  girls high school was established here about 150 yrs back. This soil produced warriors  like Shershah Suri who dethroned 2nd Mugal Emperor Humayun.

But it was unfortunate to observe that after first was of Indian independence in 1857, British negkeeted rather to say discouraged the people of shahabed  to get knowledge and formal education . They smelled that these sharp prople can truth dangerous for the British empire. People of Shahabad were diverted to aqrienltma practices, so that they can not think more about the education and culture.

About  10 years back some prominent citizen of Ara began to think and dissent the need of a modern school, that can  have the quality to incorporate modern techniques as wellas the ancient ethicsunb aurriculum. Result Come soon and GYAN JYOTI AWASIYA VIDYALAYA was born on the 4th 2005.

To  help creating individuals to achieve happinen for themselves and for other also. We feel that they must be intellectual and posses all the amotions as well. At one hand they must be operating computing system and robots but at the same time they must not forget to “touch the feel “ of their elders. In a small and underdeveloped place like Ara. Where there is no shortage of sharp brains and higher intellect, we want to create a craze for knowledge and comparative advancement.

At the beginning people watch us raucously, even a fent commented negatively on our education development schemer and also to the modern tools for impasting advanced education. But “Thanks God” Now, we are recognized as the pioneers of applying modern techniques in the secondary education system.

It is our firms believe that our students must be equipped with the different skills that can help them to get employment and even self employment. We want to make our students so skilled  that they can provide employments to the others instead of running pillas to post in employment exchanger for getting jobs they must create jobs not only for themselves but also for the mob of unemployed youth in the society. For this purpose we have started different programmer of “kaushal shiksha “ to cope up with the abhiyaan of our Prime Minister. We don’t make our students just a book worm, we don’t stream upon to just learn the question-answer. We train and interact them to take practical and positive aspects of the subject and concerned topics. So that they will be more and more vibrant to emerge as the leaders of the suffering society.

In brief we can conclude by claiming that our sole aim is to carve ideal citizens of future india, that can be able to lead the world once again to emerge as a peaceful and prosperous world, full of love and brotherhood.